Grinding Mills price

7ft x 12ft grinding mill on concrete foundation
Let Westpro give you the results you require!


Westpro’s versatile GRINDING MILLS are specially developed for a vast range of applications.

  • Size reduction of various materials
  • Wet or dry grinding
  • Continuous or batch operation
  • Rod or ball mill
  • Pebble mill
  • Lime slaking
Westpro Grinding Mill Advantages…

  • Mills customized for your application
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Heavy-duty construction provides durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Best price on the market

grinding mill drawing

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Grinding Mill Shell
  • Fabricated steel shell
  • Drilled for liners
  • Flanged for attachment to heads
  • Machined for true fit
Grinding Mill Heads
  • Fabricated and cast steel heads
  • Drilled for liners
  • Flanged for shell and gear attachment
  • Machined trunnions for reliable operation
Grinding Mill Trunnion Bearings
  • Fabricated bearing housings
  • Lubrication reservoir built into housing
  • Machined for precise fit
  • Bronze replaceable bearings for durability
  • High-pressure lines for startup lift on bearings
  • Designed to allow manual or automatic lubrication (automatic optional)
Grinding Mill Gear and Pinion
  • Spur or helical cut gear and pinion
  • Designed for long life
  • Reversible
  • Easy alignment
  • Pinion assembly includes heavy-duty roller bearings
  • Automatic gear spray system
Grinding Mill Reduction Unit
  • Inline reducer
  • Proven design
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed for long life
  • Optional air clutch or fluid coupling
Grinding Mill Electric Motors
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Voltages to suit
  • High torque startup
  • Vari-speed drive (optional)
Optional Grinding Mill Modular Frame
  • Fabricated steel
  • Base plates for bearings and drive
  • Rigid frame for lasting strength
  • Optional custom sizes to meet site requirements
Grinding Mill Feed Spout
  • Triple seal design
  • Feed hopper optional
  • Ball charging bucket and chute optional
Grinding Mill Discharge Trommel (optional)
  • Internal spiral
  • Openings set for application
  • Reversible
Grinding Mill Discharge Chute (Optional)
  • Designed for application
Grinding Mill Liners
  • Rubber, steel, or ceramic
  • Configured as required to suit application
Grinding Mill Trunnion Liners
  • Removable feed and discharge trunnion liners

5ftx8ft Grinding Mills
5ft x 8ft grinding mill fabrication and assembly

Westpro Grinding Mill Models
Grinding Mill model numbers
Other grinding mill sizes can be made available.

4ft x 8ft Grinding Mill
4ft x 8ft grinding mill for pilot plant