Hammer Crushers

Hammer Crushers

hammer-crusher-new The Hammer Crusher is often used in the mining industry.

Hammer Crushers offer medium and fine crushing of brittle material with less than (intermediate (an igneous rock with a silica content of between 55 percent and 66 percent)) such as limestone, coal etc.

they are used in metallurgy, the building material industry, the power industry etc.

Hammer Crushers features a large crushing ratio and produces a product that is very uniform.

Hammer Crusher – Single Stage

A Single Stage Hammer Crusher will crush material of 1100mm all the way down to 20mm, this eliminates the need for double or three stage crushing. This creates a simple flow saves space and money and reduces production costs.

The hammer crusher falls into reversible and non-reversible hammer crushers.

Hammer Crusher – Reversible

A reversible Hammer Crusher is normally used for fine crushing.
A non-reversible Hammer Crusher is used for intermediate crushing.